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      Life Coaching through a spiritual lense

If you are yearning for change in your life, facing challenging times, or simply have a desire to create more meaning in your life this might be the perfect time to begin working with a life coach. A spiritual life coach is someone who supports others in navigating every type of life circumstance, from the very mundane to the very critical and trying events. This support includes the understanding and integration of energy work and spiritual practices into our daily routines, our thought processes, and emotional responses, so that we can make powerful shifts in our beliefs, our vibrations and our manifestations.

Spiritual coaching is based on the belief that energy and spirit run through every layer of our human existence. It is present in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is an invisible force and therefore often becomes neglected and underutilized. When we learn to engage with the energy that is the life-giving source for all there is, we move into our greatest power and learn to move in harmony with our own lives and the world around us.


I am a certified life coach and an energy practitioner. Supporting people in achieving their goals by helping them strengthen their personal relationship and engagement with spiritual energy is my passion and life's calling. I am honored and humbled each time a client finds a greater expression of themselves through this inspiring and exciting work.

Spiritual life coaching sessions can be held in person and virtually


90 minute initial session $150

60 minute session $130

6 (60 min) sessions $600

call to schedule your session

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