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As the expectant mother grows in heart and spirit, we support
       the body to meet her needs and the new life she carries.

Prenatal Massage 
60 minutes    $120
Package of 4  $450   

90 minutes     $160  
Package of 4  $610
You can relax for a blissful 60 or 90 minutes, knowing you are in well trained hands. Our main goal is to help you feel as amazing as possible throughout your pregnancy.  In every trimester massage is a safe and natural way to manage stress and tension in the pregnant woman's body. As always at CocoonSpiritOasis, your massage will be crafted to bring about deep relaxation of the nervous system. We will address the common pregnancy issues of the body, such as headache, tension in the shoulders and back, pain in the expanding rib cage, as well as other indivdualized goals. We will also use guided meditation to structure your session to allow for the clearing of mental stress and help you to create a positive pregnancy experience. At the end of every session, at home practices will be offered to help keep the positive benefits going between sessions. 
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