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        Massage Therapy
Energy Alignment Services

Resting Butterfly

-60 min integrative energy massage    $110

 -90 min integrative energy massage   $150


Our signature massage for moments when you just need time to rest, recharge and release energy that no longer serves you. During a 60 or 90 minute integrative energy massage, clients will receive a thorough, high quality massage combined with reiki, use of crystals, aromatherapy and sound healing. This integrative approach encourages the physical body to let go of tension, stress and calms the nervous system. The energetic body is supported to come into balance, helping you get ready to fly again!

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Butterfly Awaken

-120 min meditation massage  $200


Experience a truly transformative massage that incorporates a specially crafted mediation designed to help you move into the theta brain wave state. Moving into the theta state promotes deeper relaxation and healing. During this 2 hour session you will receive a full body, integrative energy massage within the framing of a therapist led, guided meditation.

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IGraceful Landing

-50 min energy point massage $85


The perfect mini session to get you centered and grounded. In this 50 minute treatment you will be pampered with the very best head, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage which will incorporate reflexology pressure point work and soothing, tension relieving massage techniques.

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 Simply Reiki

-60 min reiki healing  $110

Reiki  energy healing is a form of energy work that originated in Japan and has been embraced by energy practitioners world wide. During this one hour session the client will lay comfortably on the massage table fully clothed and will receive Reiki energy through the light touch and mental focus of  the practitioner. This in person session will include use of crystals, essential oils and sound therapy.

Reiki can also be facilitated with a beaming technique that does not requires touch at all, as well being delivered distantly to the client in a remote location. We are happy to arrange a session that best meets your needs!

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