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Massage and Energy Alignment Sessions

An Intuitive Approach


Butterfly Awaken
With a bit of direction, we can take your session to the next level. Sessions begin seated in a relaxing conversation area where we spend time discussing your physical, emotional, and spiritual goals and set our intention for the treatment. This part of the session helps you transition from the outside world and move into your inner space of peace and stillness so that you can connect with your own guidance system, your own life compass, and set a course for transformative relaxation. Then we move to the massage table where you will receive a 60 or 90 minute integrative energy massage.

-80 minute    $140
-110 minutes $180

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Reiki Treatment

Resting Butterfly
There are moments when we just need time to rest, recharge and release so that we can fly at our best. During a 60 or 90 minute integrative energy massage, clients will receive a thorough, high quality massage combined with reiki, use of crystals, aromatherapy and sound healing. This integrative approach encourages the physical body to let go of tension and stress and calms the nervous system. The energetic body comes into balance, helping you get ready to fly again!

-60 min integrative energy masssge  $110
-90 min integrative energy masssge   $150


Simply Reiki-  Resting butterfly without massage.

- 60 min $110

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Sandy Beach

Cocoon Retreat
Sometimes you have a persistent craving for new energy in your life or have a desire for the next breakthrough in your journey to manifest. There might be times in your life when you feel greatly stressed or in crises. Sometimes the universe directs you towards an awakening that knocks you off your feet and compels you to slow down and go within. The Cocoon Retreat is designed to help nurture you during these times so that you can find inspiration and grow your wings.

1 hour of deeper soul work combined with a 2 hour integrative energy massage to help guide the cocoon process of release and transformation.   

-3 hours  $325

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